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Super Spring Events at Lovett Care Homes in Stoke on Trent

Hilton House
VE Day at Lovett Care
Spring has been packed with events and occasions at Hilton House Care Home in Stoke on Trent. Long table decorated for VE Day with red tablecloth and Union Jack flags

Spring Events At Hilton House Care Home

For VE Day on 8th May the residents enjoyed a themed tea street party style. Full of memories and nostalgia everyone ate afternoon tea and relished the opportunity to share stories about their experiences from this highly important day in history. With many of our residents living with dementia, recalling recent memories can be a challenge but they can remember experiences from decades ago. Having the opportunity to talk about this in an enjoyable setting is a great way to foster friendships and the care home community. Residents enjoying a movie night at Hilton House Care Home Another popular date in the care home calendar is the regular cinema day with popcorn and refreshments. Playing favourite movies which many will have watched in cinemas in past years. Residents at Hilton House Care Home making flower arrangements We love to get creative here at Lovett Care and Mother’s Day was celebrated by some of the ladies making flower arrangements. We think the results are fantastic! Local school orchestra performs at Hilton House Care Home Live music is always something to look forward to and we welcomed a local school orchestra who came to entertain us all. Residents taking part in gardening activities at Hilton House Care Home For those with green fingers the warm weather encouraged residents outside to take part in gardening activities in the sunshine while others enjoyed an afternoon of arts & crafts. Residents at Hilton House Care Home enjoying arts and crafts activities