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Sharon McGeorge

Hospitality and Catering Manager

Sharon McGeorge is the Catering Manager at Twyford House. With over 35 years in the catering industry, Sharon has a passion for caring for people and cooking.

Sharon’s career journey began at full-time catering college in Manchester where she spent 2 years. Following this, she moved on to work in the hotel and restaurant industry, where she honed her skills and knowledge before applying everything she learned to the Social Care sector.

Sharon has recently relocated from Manchester to Alsager. She is very much looking forward to working at Twyford House as she takes great price in providing the best catering service experience for residents and guests.

Team Q&A

1. How long have you worked for Lovett Care / Twyford House?

I’ve been with Twyford House for 2 months as part of the first cohort of staff to join Twyford House. I am delighted and excited to deliver fabulous menus to everyone!

2. What is your favourite part of your role?
The favourite part of my job is being fully involved in the dining experience from start to finish. This includes training my team, menu planning, sourcing the ingredients, experimenting and refining recipes to finally seeing how much people enjoy the food that I have prepared for them.

3. What do you like to do outside of work?
I like to read novels and recipe books that give me new ideas which I can bring into the workplace. I also like to go on long walks with my rescue dog and my partner. My idea of recreation is gardening. I love growing herbs that I can include in my home cooking.

4. What feature of Twyford House are you most excited about?
I am excited about the large “state of the art” kitchen, which is like a playground to any chef. In addition, the size of the communal spaces are simply amazing, and being an outdoors person, means I appreciate the easy access to the outdoor areas where residents and visitors can enjoy leisure time.