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Winter Health Tips for the Elderly

General FAQs

Winter is something that we take very seriously at Lovett Care. The health and well being of our residents is important all year round. But once the clocks have turned back, the nights are longer and the temperature drops, keeping warm and healthy across our care homes takes on extra significance.

The elderly often have many complex needs. During Winter the cold weather can exacerbate symptoms leading to a serious state of health. Heart, lung, kidney, joint problems and mental health can all be adversely affected by Winter.

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Making Winter Health a Priority

Part of the ageing process means that people find it more difficult to regulate their body temperature. Wearing several thin layers of clothing is more effective than a single thick layer. Having a thermal base layer underneath regular clothes traps air and warms it. Keeping warm is vital, so make sure your heating is working effectively. You might be eligible for help with insulating your home or assistance with paying your fuel bills too. Keep windows closed at night to stop heat escaping and the cold night air entering your bedroom at night.

It is always tempting to tuck into sugary foods and comfort eating, and while a little of what you fancy is good for a treat, this shouldn’t be at the expense of a balanced diet. Keep eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and seek advice on taking supplements to maintain Winter health. Regular hot drinks will keep you hydrated and warm too.

Maintaining your regular routine and being sociable will help to keep your spirits and energy levels up. If the conditions outside are too slippery for you to go out, talk to friends and family on the telephone or ask them to visit you instead. This will help to fend off loneliness and depression.

Further Winter Health Advice

The staff at our care homes in Stoke on Trent make every effort to ensure our residents Winter health is the best it can be. If you are concerned about your own health at this time or that of a friend or relative. Further advice and services for the elderly at this time of year can be found on the NHS website and from charities like Age UK.

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