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Will My Loved One Be Lonely?

Well-being FAQs

A common concern when we look at moving our loved ones into a care home, or nursing home, is that they will become lonely, leading them to a quicker decline. Here at Lovett Care, we like to ensure families and potential residents that they will not be lonely, or even alone unless they choose to be.

Communal Areas

Each care home under the Lovett Care name offers a number of communal areas for residents to enjoy the company of other residents, their families and of course our team of friendly carers.
At Twyford House, we have a communal gin bar where residents can enjoy a beverage in the company of other residents. At Charlotte House, we have a state of the art cinema room where residents can go and watch films together, but shhh, no talking at the cinema!


Dignity Day Afternoon Tea at Goldendale House


The activities teams at each of our homes work hard on creating a wide range of daily activities for our residents to get involved in. We aim to have something for all interests and mobility levels to include everyone.
These activities will not only get your loved one moving around and active, but it can also help them to form friendships with other residents, giving them someone to bond with away from activities.

Boosting Morale

We often see that when residents first arrive they tend to seclude themselves from other residents and remain alone for the first few weeks. We see this as a settling period for them, where they are finding their footing, adapting to new surroundings and adjusting to life in shared living. We will gradually encourage them to meet other residents with similar interests and join in with activities that they will enjoy.
Over time, you will notice a boost in the morale of your loved ones as they come out of their shell more and more. We often speak to new residents who talk of a decline in social interactions before they enter the homes. Whether this is due to mobility, loss of friends or a busy family this may have left them feeling a little alone, which can sometimes make them shy to new people. We help to ease this, and over time they will be back to the person you once knew, or maybe more confident than ever.

Alone Time

Much like people in their own homes, some residents regularly enjoy some alone time. Whether this is to just enjoy their own company, read the newspaper, or talk to family. We absolutely respect this, and will never force your loved ones to come and interact should they not wish to. However, if we notice that they are secluding themselves, we will encourage them to come and participate in activities to avoid them becoming lonely and reclusive.

Get in touch with a member of our team to bring your loved one in for a visit. We hope to make them feel at ease and give them some encouragement that they will never feel alone in our care. Head over to our care home pages for information on each home; Twyford House, Charlotte House, Hilton House and Regency Care Centre.