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Why is Residential Dementia Care Important?

Dementia Care FAQs

Residential dementia care is both important for the person with dementia and their family and carers too. Why is this? For those with the condition, it can reach a stage where it is in the persons best interest to live in a care home environment where they will receive the level of care that they need to live a meaningful life. It can be a difficult decision to make and is a big change for all concerned. It is not unusual for the carer and close family to experience feelings of guilt about this. But it is essential for the individual that they receive a level of care that preserves dignity, treats people with respect and promotes independence. Sometimes loved ones are no longer able to do this and it can place a strain on their own health, well being, and relationships.

residential dementia care

Providing High-Quality Residential Dementia Care

Good quality residential dementia care is centred around an individual care plan. This takes into consideration what a person likes, and dislikes, their background and beliefs and events and experiences in their life so far. Being part of a care home community can have positives as new friendships are formed and the correct level of support means that a person with dementia leads a fulfilling life. Their nearest and dearest will gain peace of mind that they are being cared for in a safe and stimulating environment. The time that they share during visits becomes more enjoyable and precious when the strain of looking after someone with complex needs 24-7 has been relieved.

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