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What are the Differences Between a Care Home and Nursing Home?

General FAQs

While on the face of it a care home and a nursing home may appear to be the same there are some key differences.

A Care Home Explained

A care home is a homely environment with live in accommodation. This is usually a private comfortable bedroom and a communal sitting room and dining facilities. There is often a nice garden area for residents to enjoy and planting which they can help to tend to.

The home is supervised and staffed 24 hours a day for elderly residents. While independence is encouraged, additional help and support is available with personal care. Anything including washing, getting dressed, personal hygiene, taking medication, and toileting. Some may have difficulty with communication so assistance and understanding will be provided for this. Help can be given with feeding, mobility and essential laundry requirements too. They will also be skilled at helping those who live with age related conditions such as dementia.

Within a residential care home a planned and regular programme of social activities, events and outings will foster a sense of connection, fun and wellbeing.

The whole operation will be overseen by a manager and care staff, but there will not be a registered nurse on site.

What are the Differences Between a Care Home and Nursing Home?

A Nursing Home Explained

There are many similarities between a Nursing Home and a Care Home as they provide much of the same care as previously mentioned. The main difference is that within the 24 hour care provision at a Nursing Home there is always a registered nurse on site. Those living with a level of frailty, mental or physical impairments which require the attendance of a qualified nurse for certain medical procedures and attention. Nursing homes provide a type of specialist medical care for residents.

Lovett Care Homes in Stoke on Trent

Lovett Care have two care homes in Stoke on Trent. Hilton House is located in Penkhull and Goldendale House is our facility in Tunstall. Contact us to find out more about our care provision.