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What is Residential Care?

Residential Care

Residential care is an option for individuals who may find themselves in a position where they need support with day-to-day tasks. A residential care home offers an environment where a person can live comfortably and safely, with access to help whenever they may need it.

For example, an elderly individual who is living alone may find it difficult to wash, or dress themselves, independently. In these cases, support within a residential home would allow them to continue to carry out these day-to-day tasks with the support of a fully qualified care assistant.

The term residential care is often confused with nursing care. This is common, as the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably and often go hand in hand with one another. Nursing care refers to facilities that offer medical support by nurses who are able to administer certain medicines and support with any complex conditions,injuries or wounds.

Residential care refers to support with day-to-day activities, and offers the opportunity for individuals to live in a safe environment where their needs are met, their choices are honoured, and their independence and dignity are upheld at all times.


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Who needs residential care?

Residential care is suitable for individuals who would benefit from 24-hour support from qualified carers. In many cases, family members (or the person themselves) will identify that living independently at home isn’t possible anymore and more help is needed to keep them safe.

Alternatively, a person living alone may struggle with loneliness and isolation. These are very real problems that can have a whole host of adverse effects on a person’s mental and physical health. Making the decision to move into a residential care home often leads to a less lonely, more fulfilled life, as a person is able to interact daily with their carers and other residents.

Put simply, residential care unlocks independence, particularly for elderly individuals who may be struggling with living alone, by giving them a safe place to live, socialise and thrive.

What are the benefits of residential care?

Residential care provides a safe place for individuals who are struggling to carry out daily activities alone. Alongside qualified carers, they can live independently in an environment that is sympathetic to their needs and staffed by friendly and experienced team members who will provide support around the clock.

As well as this, our residential homes offer a programme of activities to promote thriving community environments and encourage physical activity and mental stimulation. This includes regular outings within the community, gardening, craft activities, baking and so much more.

At Lovett Care, all of our residents (whether they stay with us long term or for a short period of time as a part of respite or day care) have their very own personalised care plan. This thorough document takes into account individual preferences, dietary requirements, likes, dislikes and more to ensure that each and every resident receives the high-quality, person-centred care they deserve.

For family members, residential care provides peace of mind that a loved one is being cared for in safe and loving surroundings.

Residential Care within a Lovett Care Home

We take great pride in delivering high quality care and accommodation for individuals over 65 years old across our three care homes. At each of our care homes, our residents are supported by trained and qualified staff who are also caring, kind and compassionate.

At every turn we empower all of our residents to make their own choices and live as independently as possible. This is achieved by creating and implementing individual care plans and creating a programme of activities that fosters a strong sense of community spirit and togetherness.

In everything we do at Lovett Care Group, we take great care to uphold the dignity and respect of residents whatever their needs may be. If you are considering residential care as an option for either yourself or a loved one, please contact us for an informal, friendly chat. Our team are always on hand to explore your options with you and provide advice on the best packages of care for your needs, whether that be respite, residential or nursing care.

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