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What is memory care?

Memory Care FAQs

At Lovett Care, we provide residential care, day care, respite care and memory care for residents across our care homes. Memory Care refers to specialist care given to residents living with dementia.


What is memory care

About Memory Care

Individuals living with Alzheimer’s or dementia can find day-to-day life challenging for a number of reasons, especially if they live alone. They may become confused or agitated at times, or find carrying out routine tasks more difficult as time progresses.

Memory Care seeks to support individuals with dementia. In particular it strives to preserve dignity and promote their sense of identity, individuality and personal choice.

How is Memory Care delivered?

The key to effective memory and dementia care is a thorough understanding of the symptoms and how they affect a person. At Lovett Care, we take a person centred approach to Memory Care. That is, we seek to build a clear understanding of each person we care for, from their life story to their individual preferences

In having a full understanding of the individual, we can create a familiar environment for them, along with activities and choices that make them feel comfortable. We also use reminiscence as part of our specialist care as a way of engaging with individuals with dementia and helping them to feel calm and comfortable.

Our specially trained and experienced care team are all deeply committed to delivering high levels of care and support, to both residents and their families.

What are the benefits of Memory Care?

Specialist memory and dementia care is so important for individuals living with dementia for many reasons. Firstly, dementia friendly care homes are well-equipped to support and empower individuals to live life to the fullest. At Lovett Care, we believe that all of our residents should be able to make their own choices and decisions about their day-to-day life, and so activities and daily routines are flexible and accessible to all residents. Not only this but all areas of our care homes are designed to protect and support residents of all abilities, including colour schemes, signage and outdoor spaces.

Secondly, our fully trained and experienced team are on hand throughout the day to provide specialist care to residents. At Lovett Care, we see ourselves and our residents as family, and we give as much time as is needed to ensure each and every residents is comfortable, happy and stimulated.

Memory Care from Lovett Care

We take great pride in our specialist Memory Care and dementia care services across our care homes in Staffordshire & Cheshire. To find out more, please contact us and speak to our team.