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What Is Intergenerational Care?

Well-being FAQs

Intergenerational care involves planning activities and shared experiences that bring together different generations. While awareness of intergenerational care has grown in recent years, the concept first came about in the 1970s when a nursery school in Tokyo merged with a care home to form a joint setting.

The benefits of intergenerational interaction and care have recently been lauded in a report by United for All Ages titled ‘The Next Generation’. The report recommends that:

  • Every nursery, childminder, parent/toddler group and children’s centre should link with a local older people’s care home or housing scheme – and vice versa.
  • Every community should explore opportunities to develop places where younger and older people can mix and share activities and experiences.

As well as this, a recent program on Channel 4 called Old People’s Home For 4-year-Olds has also increased awareness of intergenerational care and interaction.

What Is Intergenerational Care

What are the benefits of intergenerational care?

There is a huge range of benefits to intergenerational care and interactions, both for adults and children alike. For elderly care home residents, intergenerational care has been shown to:

  • Reduce loneliness and boost mental health
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Promote social interaction with both children and other adults
  • Support individuals to reconnect with their communities

For children, the benefits of intergenerational interactions include:

  • Improved communication and social skills
  • One to one time with an adult
  • The opportunity to get to know and understand older individuals
  • A chance to learn about the local community and history
  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and empathy for others

It is clear from the above that intergenerational care is vital to our communities. Rather than keeping older individuals separate from their community, intergenerational interactions offer the chance for different generations to share experiences and learn from each other, which brings with it a whole raft of benefits.

Intergenerational Care With Lovett Care

At Lovett Care, we support our residents to remain integral parts of the local community in any way we can. This includes setting up and promoting intergenerational schemes with local preschools and primary schools where possible. To find out more about care types at our care homes across the North West, Cheshire and Staffordshire, contact us today and speak to our team.