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What is Adult Day Care?

Day Care FAQs

Adult day care is an option available for those who may need more opportunities to socialise in a supportive environment. For example, elderly people with limited mobility may find it hard to find places to meet new people and socialise amongst their age group. Visitors of day care have the opportunity to take part in activities tailored to their interests, enjoy meals together and develop new friendships.

The great thing about day care at Lovett Care Homes is that it’s all offered in a safe and supportive environment. Expert care professionals offer a caring, friendly and welcoming service that caters to the varying independence of the visitors. Whether the visitor wants to get out and socialise more or their carer needs a little respite, day care could hugely benefit those who use it.


Adult Day Care

Who needs day care?

Day care is most suitable for those who aren’t yet looking for 24-hour care, but still want more opportunities to socialise with people. Alternatively, it can also be suitable for those that have carers that have other commitments during the day or are in need of a little respite.

People living alone can struggle a lot with loneliness and isolation which can negatively affect their mental health. By having somewhere to go each day where they can socialise, take part in activities and be cared for, day care can make a big difference.

Our carers work with the visitors to understand the support needed and provide it to the highest standard. Maintaining our visitors’ independence and dignity is very important to us and our team will work with it at the forefront of their minds.

What are the benefits of day care?

As mentioned above, attending a day care service can help to improve the visitors’ mental health. Feelings of loneliness and isolation caused by living alone can be reduced. However, that’s not the only benefit. Working with visitors in day care can allow staff to assist visitors in maintaining their independence for a longer period of time.

Carers can rest assured that visitors are enjoying themselves in a safe and caring environment, with care professionals on hand 24/7. Not only will this allow them to relax, but it should reduce any feelings of guilt or stress that we often initially see. With refreshments and meals provided throughout the day, it’s also guaranteed that visitors are keeping to a healthy, balanced diet.

Why choose day care with Lovett Care Homes?

Here at Lovett Care homes, our philosophy is “choice”. We want our day care visitors to choose how independent they would like to be, so that our staff can help preserve their dignity, independence and individuality. We understand that everyone is different and so personalised care plans are structured around each visitor.

In addition to the social events available on the day, activity plans are drawn up taking the visitor’s interest and hobbies into account. Not only that, but social spaces and outdoor garden areas such as those in our Hilton House can be used throughout the day. Refreshments and meals are also provided to keep our visitors well fueled for the day ahead. Finally, you can rely on our staff. In each of our care homes, our staff are expertly trained and qualified to care with the utmost compassion and kindness.

If you are considering day care as an option for yourself or a loved one, please contact us for an informal, friendly chat. Our friendly team will be happy to explore your options and provide advice on whether day care, or another package of care would be the right choice.