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What Activities Are Available to Residents?

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Here at Lovett Care, we believe in embracing our residents’ hobbies and interests through a range of activities at our care homes across Stoke-on-Trent. We are firm believers that our residents shouldn’t have to compromise their quality of living, just because they have come into care. As well as the high standards of supported living that we provide, our activities also allow us to replicate, if not improve our residents’ schedule.

In this guide, we’ll explore our activities in more depth. However, before we get started, it’s important to note that our philosophy here at each of our care homes is to give our residents choice. Therefore, residents won’t be forced to take part in anything that they do not wish to.


Activities Available in Our Staffordshire and Cheshire Care Homes

Bespoke Lifestyle Programme

If you or a loved one is coming into any of our homes, we will work closely with you to discover your interests, hobbies and favourite activities. That way, we can start to build a bespoke lifestyle programme that tailors towards these and gives you plenty to look forward to.

This applies to each of our service types from full longer term residential care to our day care services. This isn’t restricted to in-house activities either, as we also aim to take our residents on outings to the community, local events and attractions.

What Activities are Available?

As mentioned above, the activity plans are tailored based on the interests and hobbies of our residents. Therefore, we’re always looking to embrace anything that our residents wish to do. This can be anything from gardening and craft activities to group outings to local attractions. A couple of examples include the following:

Live Entertainment

Recently in the pandemic, we have had to adapt to provide our residents with entertainment in a safe environment. One example was our partnership with Alsager Partnership to provide a live performance from a singer over Zoom. The gig got our lounge rocking, filled with singing, dancing and plenty of laughter and our residents thoroughly enjoyed it.

Foxley Farm Outing

Here at Lovett Care, we strongly believe in the benefits of intergenerational care. By bringing children and adults together, it’s suggested that residents can reduce loneliness and encourage physical activity. However, it’s not just the older generations that benefit, as children also pick up improved communication skills, one to one time with an adult and a chance to learn about history and the local community.

Thanks to our partnership with Townhouse Nurseries in Alsager, we recently visited Foxley Farm with our residents and went on a lamb safari. One of the children from the nursery has even decided to name one of the lambs Ro after one of our residents.

Movie Afternoons

Thanks to facilities such as our cinema room in Twyford House, our residents often settle down for the evening with a screening of their choice. From documentaries and TV shows to films and musicals, our screening room has seen it all. A few recent examples include Les Miserables, David Attenborough’s Life in Colour and the 1966 World Cup.

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If you’re looking for any form of care for yourself or your loved one, please contact us. Here at Lovett Care, we are committed to ensuring that our residents remain a focal point of our communities. Not only that, but we will also do everything that we can to ensure that our residents get to pursue their interests and hobbies further. To find out more about care types at our care homes across the North West, Cheshire and Staffordshire, contact us today.