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How Safe Are My Belongings In A Care Home?

Housekeeping FAQs

Moving into a residential care or nursing home from your own home can leave you concerned over the safety of your personal belongings, whether this is your jewellery, money or other items. Living in accommodation where there are many other people will be an unusual experience for most, and it is understandable that you will have these concerns.

Your Own Room

In our care homes, every resident has their own personal room in which they can keep their belongings. Each room includes a space for clothing and spaces for other belongings. While the room will be the personal space of the resident, it will not be locked due to health and safety concerns. While we do not provide a safe, the resident is welcome to bring a small safe with them should they feel inclined to do so.
In your room, your belongings should feel as safe and secure as you would have done in your own home. The team of carers and other residents should feel like part of a big family that you can trust to not invade your privacy and belongings.



What Can I Take With Me?

When you are moving into a care home, there will be a significant amount of downsizing involved. Due to space, you will be limited to what you can take with you. This means that furniture may not be brought to the home, other than potentially small items. This can be discussed with the home on an individual basis.
While we have not experienced thefts in our care homes, we continue to recommend that a minimal amount of valuables are taken into the care home. Where possible, loved ones should care for valuables. As mentioned above, each resident has their own space, however, this is not secured, even while the patient is not inside.

Theft By Employees

In our care homes, we operate a 100% zero tolerance when it comes to theft of personal belongings, which plays a significant part in our ability to ensure the safety of your belongings.
We understand there are concerns from both potential residents and their loved ones due to the increase in reported thefts in care homes over recent years. We want to ensure you that care homes operated by Lovett Care have not experienced any concerns over thefts in any of our care homes.

Each of our residents should feel at ease that their belongings are in a place of safety and should have a sense of security within the place that they are now calling home.

If you have questions about the belongings you can bring with you, or concerns over the safety of your belongings, please speak to a member of the team at your chosen home who will be happy to put you at ease and answer any questions that you may still have.

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