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How Are Religious Needs Met?

Well-being FAQs

For many people who follow a faith, this is a way of life. Moving into residential care can leave them concerned about still having the freedom to practice their faith as they would have done previously. So how will their religious needs be met?

In The Home

Across our care homes, we cater for a range of religions and religious backgrounds. This allows our team to make arrangements and adjustments to ensure that each and every resident’s needs can be met within the safety of the home.
Religious Activities – religious activities that take place at home can vary between religions, the home will ensure that the individual will have the means to undertake the activity where possible. This may include a private space to pray, undertake religious rituals or just a place to gather thoughts.
Dietary Requirements – Some religions include specific dietary requirements. As residents will eat the majority, if not all, of their meals from the care homes kitchen, the team will ensure that these needs are catered for. This can include halal and vegetarian, amongst others.



Out Of The Home

In many cases, our residents are collected by their families in order to attend religious ceremonies and gatherings, across a range of religions. This usually allows the resident to both spend time with their loved ones while practising their beliefs in the manner that they are accustomed to. This often includes Sunday trips out to Church, the Gurdwara, or Fridays to the Mosque.
Where it is not possible for families to help residents to maintain their typical religious activities, our homes will endeavour to ensure that residents are still able to continue as best as possible. Please speak to your chosen care home to discuss your individual needs.

Our Team

The teams we have at each care home come from a range of backgrounds, many of which include a number of different religions. We endeavour to ensure that each resident that stays with us will have the highest level of inclusion, which will include meeting their religious needs.
Our team receive appropriate training where required to ensure they have a complete understanding of the religions that are present within the home, helping to keep our resident’s religious needs met where possible.

Very rarely there will be some aspects of religions that we are unable to cater for. Where this is the case it can be discussed on an individual basis to ensure that we are not excluding anyone from their beliefs.