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Dementia Care – Making the Transition to a Home

Dementia Care FAQs

Dementia care is a multi-faceted duty with many considerations. Because of the progressive nature of the illness and its diverse symptoms, there will be a time when the level of care needed must be changed or increased.

Often a partner or another family member is the main carer. Caring for someone with dementia or other age-related illnesses can put a lot of stress and strain on an individual or a family. There may come a time when making the transition to a dementia care home in Stoke on Trent is essential.

This is often a decision with lots of practical and emotional implications, but at Lovett Care, we aim to help you and your loved one through the change as smoothly as possible.

Residential Care

Dementia Care Tips for Carers

When looking after someone, it is important to keep a sense of perspective and recognise that there is only so much that a carer can do as part of the responsibility of dementia care. Acknowledging this and getting additional support is essential for a carers’ own health and wellbeing. The impact of dementia can lead to feelings of grief as the person starts to lose aspects of their old character and they show behavioural changes. Fatigue can lead to frustration or guilt from the carer that they’re not doing enough. It may be that the carer starts to feel isolated as they no longer have time to do some of the things that they used to do.

Getting support from family and friends is important. Being able to take a break from caring either for a few hours to do something for you or a longer respite break to recharge is essential. When the time comes for someone with dementia to move into a care home, it is normal to have mixed emotions about the process. Further advice can be found from organisations like Age UK and Dementia Care or via the NHS. Here at Lovett Care, we take time to understand the person who is about to become a resident with us so that we can draw up an individual care plan. This will give you, the carer confidence that your loved one will be looked after.

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You can discover more about life in our dementia care homes. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss care provision further, please contact us.

You can also find more helpful resources online from the following sources:

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