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Care Home Myths

General FAQs

There are a number of myths that surround residential care homes. A number of which would certainly discourage some individuals from moving into them, while others would leave the individual with questions should they find something different when the times comes to moving. Here we have pulled together a number of these myths in a bid to dispel them and offer the correct information.

Myth: Care Homes Are Lonely

We understand why people would think care homes are lonely places. After all, each resident has their own room and typically few visitors. However, it is certainly not the case that care homes are lonely places.
Each of our care homes boasting multiple communal areas, both indoor and outdoor, and activities daily to encourage interaction between residents. Our dining areas also offer a place for residents to sit and communicate with each other and the carers.
Some residents may take a while to adjust to the hustle and bustle of living in a care home with so much activity that they may spend an increased amount of time alone in their room. When this happens we actively encourage them to join in with activities but allow them to make that move when they are ready so that they never feel forced.


Myth: The Food Is Unappetising

Food in care homes, similar to hospital food, has always been seen as unappetising and uninspiring. In our care homes, we like to bust this myth. Our care homes offer a range of healthy and tasty meals that our residents love. We even serve them in stunning dining rooms where residents can eat at their leisure. Good quality food is key to keeping our residents happy, so we wouldn’t serve them anything less than the best.

Myth: You Have No Choice Over Your Care

We often find that many families come to visit our care homes in advance of bringing their loved ones with them. We often find this is a bit of a scoping mission as the loved one usually does not want to go into a home over the fear of losing their independence and having no say in their care.
Here at Lovett Care, we have a range of different care homes, each one as unique as the next, meaning that your loved one can choose the right environment for them. This includes finding the right place that offers all the activities that they can enjoy at their leisure, including enjoying the gin bar at Twyford House, or the cinema at Charlotte House.
Our residents have control over all aspects of their care, ensuring that they retain their independence as much as possible.

Myth: Care Home Staff Are Untrained

Our team of professional carers would like to disagree with this myth. While it is correct that you can enter the industry with very little knowledge or experience our carers will undertake a range of training activities and courses, alongside supervised care before caring for residents alone. We like to ensure that our residents are receiving the very best care, so we put all we can into ensuring that our team are completely trained and proficient in a range of care methods.

If you have any questions or concerns about moving your loved ones into a care home, please get in touch with our friendly team today who will be happy to put your mind at ease. You can also find answers to a range of questions on our knowledge hub.