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Can I Keep My Own GP?

General FAQs

When moving into a care or nursing home, there can be a number of concerns over having to leave the GP you have been with for a number of years. This may mean that you wish to maintain the relationship with your own GP. There are a number of factors that will be taken into account for this decision to be made.


The location of your own GP in relation to your new residence will play a significant role in whether you can stay under their care. Many GP surgeries will have a select catchment area in which their patients will need to live. If you are moving out of this area, but wish to remain with your GP, contact will need to be made with them on an individual basis as some will accommodate for this. We may need to take into consideration whether the GP will be willing to travel to continue care if home visits are required.



Visiting GPs

Many GPs will have their own guidelines on whether they will visit a patient in a residential or nursing home. In many cases, they will still be happy to visit, however, some may wish to transfer the care to the GP service used by that particular home to ensure ease of care. If your GP can visit you in your new residence, there should be no concerns over remaining with your current GP, particularly if this is what you, the resident, feels comfortable with.

Moving GPs

Each of our care homes will have a designated GP surgery to which we can move residents to should they wish to or need to move from their current GP. This surgery will then be responsible for the ongoing medical care of the resident where specialists are not involved.
Patient records are now held electronically. This means that all of your records can be accessed as soon as we have transferred your information to your new GP. This will allow them to view your full medical history to ensure that all ongoing care is continued to the same high standard as your previous practice. Leaving you with very little to be concerned about.

If you are still concerned about leaving your current GP, or have further questions, please get in touch with the team at your chosen care home.
Charlotte House
Twyford House
Hilton House
Regency Care Centre.
They will be able to advise you further on the next steps and ease any concerns that you may have.