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Hilton House Care Home Rated Good by Care Quality Commission

Hilton House
Hilton House Care Home in Stoke Rated Good by Care Quality Commission
During February 2019 the Quality Care Commission made an unannounced inspection at Hilton House care home. The inspection is a regular occurrence to check that the standards of care and the facilities meet the requirements of our residents. We are delighted to say that Hilton House care home passed all areas of the inspection and is rated Good in all categories. It is a credit to the hard work, kindness and compassion of everyone working at Hilton House in creating and maintaining a happy and safe environment for all the residents.

Hilton House Rated Good in All Areas of Inspection

A few of the points highlighted in relation to each area of care include:
  • Safe – Rated Good “People felt safe and risks to their safety were managed. People received safe and effective care from staff who were well trained and supported to meet their needs.”
  • Effective – Rated Good “This means that people's care, treatment and support achieved good outcomes and promoted a good quality of life...”
  • Caring - Rated Good “.. the service involved people and treated them with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.” “We saw interactions between people and staff were caring. Staff were continually checking how people were and having a chat with people.”
  • Responsive – Rated Good “People's needs were met through good organisation and delivery.”
  • Well-Led – Rated Good “The service was consistently managed and well-led. Leaders and the culture they created promoted high quality, person-centred care.”

Providing Good Residential Care in Stoke on Trent

The full Quality Care Commission Report can be found via the Hilton House page of our website. Lovett Care puts residents at the heart of its mission to provide high quality residential care in Stoke on Trent. You can request a brochure or book an experience day with us if you are looking for residential and dementia care in Stoke on Trent. We look forward to hearing from you!