Life at a Dementia Care Home in Stoke on Trent – Lovett Care

At a Lovett Dementia Care Home in Stoke on Trent we want our residents to feel comfortable and secure. We provide the best support with our dedicated and qualified team as well as the best facilities and innovative care plans. Providing great care and a homely, comfortable place for residents to live, we believe that our homes are for living in, which is why we provide a range of features for our residents to keep them satisfied and content within our homes at Hilton House care home and Goldendale House. 

Activities at Our Dementia Care Home in Stoke on Trent

Within our dementia care home in Stoke on Trent we like to provide all our residents with a comprehensive programme to suit their individual interests and preferences. All residents are free to choose what activities they would like to partake in and are encouraged to socialise with other residents daily. Some of our activities include craft making, singing and dancing, shopping trips, bingo, film afternoons amongst many more. Encouraging interaction and stimulation to avoid isolation and loneliness.

With events throughout the year, many of which are open to family and friends, residents will maintain a great social life within our care. Our specially trained staff are encouraged to involve residents in a range of tasks and activities to ensure they maintain a healthy sustained lifestyle.

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Health and Wellbeing is Priority at Our Dementia Care Home in Stoke on Trent

Food is a passion throughout our care homes and is an important element of everyday life. We believe in nutrition to maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, however, as well as this we also believe that a bit of what you fancy does you good. We can construct menus for residents with individual dietary requirements or allergies.

We serve both hot and cold meals throughout each meal time and we also have a lighter choice option. We always welcome guests to join us for meal times so that family and friends can enjoy time together however be always recommend providing the care home staff with 24 hours notice for preparation.

 Accommodation and Living Space at Our Dementia Care Home in Stoke on Trent

We have a range of bedroom suites available for our residents including rooms with ensuite and digital televisions. All rooms are kept in the best condition and within our homes we are always willing to provide you with any additional requirements and features to ensure that you settle into our homes with comfort and ease. Our communal spaces such as lounge and dining areas are bright and spacious, great for socialising with other residents, family, and friends.

Dementia Care Home in Stoke on Trent