Choosing the Right Care Home

Making the choice to go and live in a care home is a big change and can be a daunting decision. The process and transition can be made easier by finding out as much as you can so that all considerations are carefully informed. Here are some of the things you should think about in relation to finding the right care home for you or a loved one.

4 Steps to Choosing a Care Home

Step 1 – Talk About Your Options
If you are the carer, sit down with the person in your care and if they’re able to, discuss what’s important to them. If you are the individual choosing to go into a care home, then chat with family members about what you require. Which location is best for you? Are there any special health requirements to consider, like dementia for example? What facilities would you like?

Step 2 – Shortlisting Care Homes
Search online for care homes in your preferred area. Do they offer the types of care that you need now? Will they be able to offer the care you might need in the future? Not all organisations can meet your needs, so it is best to check this before visiting. Request a brochure, ask family and friends for recommendations, check their website and contact them directly with any questions.
What are their inspection reports like? All homes are independently inspected and will receive a rating from the Care Quality Commission. All the Lovett Care homes are subject to this inspection.

Step 3 – Visit the Care Homes
Book a visit to your shortlisted care homes. This is the time to look more in depth into life in the care home and its practicalities. When you go have a list of questions or a checklist prepared. These could include – What are your first impressions upon arrival? Are building and garden spaces well maintained? Is it clean? Does it smell clean? What is the decoration like? All these factors should add up to a place which appears and feels friendly and inviting.

Other considerations revolve around accessibility – both on site and off site. Is there good wheel chair access? Is it well connected and near to shops, parks and places of worship? What is parking like?

Staff – Are they friendly and welcoming? Are they qualified and trained to deal with a variety of care scenarios, including dementia? What is the staff to resident ratio? Is there a manager/senior carer onsite? Arrange to meet with a manager or senior member of staff who can answer any specific questions you will have.

Care Provision – Do residents have an individual care plan? Are their needs being met? What are the bathroom and toilet facilities like? Can you view your potential room? Are residents encouraged and assisted to be independent? Retaining and maintaining as much independence as possible is a cornerstone of the care provision at Lovett Care to ensure everyone lives a fulfilling life during their stay with us.

Food and Socialising – Is the menu varied and can you see a sample? We recognise that food is important to enjoying care home life and we offer a varied menu with themed meals too.
Ask about the activities plan at the care home. Is there a range of activities and are residents encouraged to socialise? This is an important part of creating friendships and settling into a new community. We have a programme of activities and events planned each month, including trips to Trentham Gardens, a pub lunch, church services and much more.

Step 4 – Book a Short Stay
Lovett Care give potential residents the option to book an Experience Day. This gives you or your loved one the opportunity to meet and get a sample of the lifestyle and care at our homes before you commit to a residential stay.

Further Useful Information About Care Home Provision

Organisations like Age UK, Which?, Dementia UK, and the NHS all offer useful advice and tips about making the transition into care home life and what to consider before your loved one does. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Lovett Care, please contact us today. We would be very happy to assist you in choosing the right type of care programme at either Hilton House or Goldendale House.